Rebound Integrative Medical Group (RIM Group) is a subsidiary of Project Rebound, Inc. (PRI), a Non-Profit Organization that has treated the behavioral and social health of communities for over 20 years. RIMGroup is a multi-specialty group practice that addresses the physical and  psychological needs of the individual via                     and                                                             services to children, adolescents and adults throughout Georgia. We aim to address the needs of our patients by getting to the root cause of the varied conditions that impact their life both mentally and physically. Our Physician's take pride in educating and empowering each and every patient. So, contact us today to grant us the privilege of helping you REBOUND YOUR LIFE!

















PRI as an institute represents our efforts to provide the most comprehensive training opportunities for clients and care givers. In addition, we also provide some of the most effective intervention approaches in the field today. These two features represent the best of both worlds for the presentation of thought and the implementation of practice. The mission of PRI is to facilitate the psychosocial development of individuals, families, and groups disrupted by social conditions preventing harmonious human relationships. For more information click _______