Ultrasound Guidance 


RIM Group Sports and Rehab believes that the utilization of musculoskeletal ultrasound allows us to effectively visualize and diagnose various musculoskeletal conditions and efficiently treat joints, ligaments, and tendons during the same office visit in most cases.

Why does RIMGroup Sports and Rehab use Ultrasound?


  •  Ultrasound guidance can be used before treatment to evaluate and assist in the diagnosis of various musculoskeletal and neruological conditions.


  • Ultrasound guidance can be used during treatment to help monitor the needle positioning during the injection procedure.


  • Ultrasound guidance can be used after treatments to assess the degree of repair that has occured allowing the physician to record the patients recovery and outcomes.


  • It is non-invasive, painless, convenient, cost-effective, and free of radiation!


  • Ultrasound-guidance can assist with diagnosing and treating ligament, muscle and tendon degeneration and tears.


  • In many cases, Ultrasound guidance allows RIM GROUP Sports and Rehab to visualize the tissue in question in the office without having to wait for an MRI.


  • Allows us to see directly and immediately, any changes that occur in the anatomy during the motion that exhibits pain.


Are there any disadvantages to using Ultrasound?


  • The main disadvantages are similar to that of MRI's, CT's or X-rays: operator dependence. 


  • MRI evaluates the following structures more effectively than Ultrasound: bone marrow, and deep soft tissues structures.