Why Choose Us?


*We use a combination of traditional and Integrative medicine to facilitate the body’s innate healing response
*Our patient's are offered a detailed (4)-part New Patient Consultation and a Treatment plan designed uniquely for you, targeted at dramatically improving and/or eliminating your pain, re-stabilizing your functional instability, and leaving you reassured about your future!
*Utilizing an Ultrasound as a diagnostic tool, Dr. Zarinah Hud can evaluate and treat various body parts on the same visit, which is nice for patients who have multiple painful areas or more complex chronic pain, such as from a trauma
* We offer the most effective, least-invasive interventions , and holistic treatment options whenever possible.
* We focus on promoting lifelong fitness, wellness, and encouraging the prevention of illness and injury.
* Fellowship Trained in Regenerative Therapy (treating acute and chronic pain and injuries, utilizing the comprehensive Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy technique)
* Shorter wait times (lower patient-to-doctor ratio)
* No rushed appointments- More time spent with your Physician allowing you ("The MVP") to have all your questions and concerns answered
* Comprehensive evaluations addressing you ("The MVP") as whole person and not just a symptom
* Transparency with treatment programs and cost (No hidden fees)
* Telemedicine (Coming Soon)- increased access to your Physician directly
*The vast majority of injuries (approx. 90%) do not require surgery and can be effectively treated here at RIM Group Sports and Rehab.

Our patients have commonly seen various physicians,  have taken multiple medications to treat pain, or even received countless procedures and/or surgeries.  Here at RIM Group Sports and Rehab it is not uncommon to hear a new patient state, "My function and pain is worse than it was in the beginning."


Let us share with you why RIM Group Sports and Rehab is the last stop you may need on your path toward optimal function and wellness....


A thorough Initial Consultation that includes:


  1. Detailed Comprehensive Examination              

  2.                                                          (FMS) eval -available     

  3. Integrative Nutritional Evaluation               

  4. Treatment Plan